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  2014-01-28: Latest 1whp Sharing Card is now ready, pls login for sample, pls sms ID, address to 012-4888955 to order, per order is RM50(100pcs) deduct from 1st wallet, tq

2013-12-20: 1whp like to say "a big thank you" to our all partners in 2014! With coming of 2015, we are looking for serious partners who are serious to create history by earning millions start from RM55!

2012-11-05: If not enough credits or having trouble to activate new customers, please sms STOKIS to purchase points or for HELP!

2012-09-01: Please login to read terms & conditions, remember to read MOTIVATION for complete informations, KNOWLEDGE=POWER!

2013-09-01: Personal URL like is for Package J50(RM55)/B36(RM360) only, pls login click Marketing URL to create, TQ


1 World SMS Marketing

  • Mobile marketing (SMS)
  • World wide fastest growing industry
  • Cost effective marketing tools
  • Instant results
  • Harness the power of communication

Benefits & Opportunity

  • Fast expanding product world wide
  • Operate at the finger tip (M-Commerce, SMS)
  • Lowest capital for easiest duplication
  • Earn unlimited income from the growth of international markets.
  • Compare the 6 main factors, why this business are the best in terms of opportunity to create wealth for life! (read more)

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